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Wear Confidence.

Posted on 02 November 2017


Hello Ladies! This week I'm not necessarily focusing on WHAT to wear, but HOW to wear it. With this, I have one word for you. Confidence.  I know, I know, this is not a thing that many people can wear with ease, It's hard for me more days than not. I figured that if we do this together we can be a force to be reckoned with. Ladies, you are so much more beautiful than you see in the mirror. To you, you may be seeking out all of the imperfections your eyes highlight, to everyone else those imperfections are glossed over by how much beauty and power you hold. Here are a few simple tricks I use to enhance my confidence.


  1. Look in the mirror.

I know this is probably your least favorite thing, trust me it's mine also. Look at yourself and TELL yourself you are beautiful. Those curves? Beautiful. Those wrinkles? Gorgeous. Smile lines? Now those just show how fun your soul is. Something that I live by is that once you tell yourself you are beautiful, you believe it. Ladies that is all you need! You need to believe it- no one else.


  1. Wear things you love, even if you think it's outside of your comfort zone.

If there is a crazy print that you're obsessing over, but you've been told it doesn't look right on "your type of body", that's false. All that matters is if you feel good in it, because if you feel like you're rocking it- you will rock it.


  1. Pamper yourself.

I know one of the ways I feel the most confident, is if I take the time out of my very hectic schedule to unwind and treat myself. Even if it's a $2 facemask from Em+Me, or a quick at-home pedicure, taking time to make yourself feel good will help you so much mentally in the long run.



I live by this quote, because without it I would be doing the complete opposite. Whether it be a simple change to your hairstyle, or a bold statement outfit, each and every one of you reading this can look wonderful in it if you have the right mindset. When you believe in yourself, everyone else does too.


May your day be full of blessings and more smile lines,

-Tori, an Em+Me Girl



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