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Real Talk: Saying No.

Posted on 05 May 2018

Deciding what to say yes and no to can be challenging.  With a little determination to give our "best yes" it can be... easy?

I struggled for years deciding what to commit to, what to support, and how to be involved in my community. All the while my little family often ended up on the short end of the stick. When I reconsidered what brought me joy and what best suited my unique abilities in life it was much easier to say yes to things that were just for me. 

"The Best Yes", by Lysa Terkurst was a great tool to help me continue on the road of choosing things that brought life to my soul. When I chose to do what God had truly called my heart to it was quiet clear. I was over booked, underwhelmed, and my cup was certainly dry.  

Discovering that it was okay to say no to good things was such an relief for this people pleaser girl. I found that many of my yes's that needed to be firm no's was rooted in my desire to make others happy. Choosing to trust that a simple no meant it wasn't best for me was freeing. I won't lie, it has been super difficult.  But the more I became confident in the places I served, worked, and gave of my time I was being filled from the inside out. I also realized that saying no gave an opportunity for the next girl to say yes! And even better it could be her best yes. 

I'm still a work in progress. When I see myself saying yes to things that God did not call me to, or things that steal my joy and time I don't hesitate to go back and say "you know I got it wrong". I can say I changed my mind too. Its okay to fail at something and be wrong! What a life giver. God never expected us to know it all, do it all, or get it all done! He simply said be willing to do you. And you know what? He really does desire our lives to be full. Full of joy, full of grace, and full of all the things that bring us closer to him.

So my encouragement for you today is to say no. Say no to the things that are not your thing. Say no to all the things that are stealing your time in this season. Say no to the things that are stealing your purpose. It can bring us closer to what God has for us and a heart full of peace. God is good meeting us right where we are. You can start today!


Guess what I'm doing next? 

For today, I am starting to prepare to unplug for 30 days. It's a lot of work to check out! 

I am taking 30 days to reexamine all my things. Will you join me in examining your time, your focus, your passion?  Will you challenge yourself to say no? To say yes too? 

My journey begins on May 15. I am unplugging from all the things that keep me "busy" in life. I am going to be still and be quiet. I am going to love and learn. We are never too old to start over and began again. 

Blessings, Melissa 

the me @ em+me 



Get the book "The Best Yes"  by Lysa Terkurst @ em+me.

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