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Real Life II A love story.

Posted on 13 February 2018

Our hearts are to be authentic and real with our journey as wives, mothers, friends, daughters, friends, and women. We believe that sharing our lives with you is the perfect start. We hope by blogging about our lives in this new series entitled " Real Life" we can make new and deeper connections with each of you. We will choose a topic every few weeks to delve into our life stories and hopefully a place where you can relate and feel a sense of belonging. Our biggest joy is connecting with you our dear friends. What better way than to kick off our series on Valentines and a journey to love.

{My Love Story- Melissa, the ME in em+me}

Ours is a crazy one, riddled with broken hearts to mended hearts and so much love in between. My sweet valentine and I met when we were just twelve years old. In wooden church pews we learned to sing, resite the books of the Bible, and bow our heads in reverence. We became friends and later in our teens even took a chance on dating.  But an adventurous and stubborn heart of mine took me down another road. I found myself wide eyed and open hearted living across the country from all my familiar faces and the security of my closest friends, soon to become a mama at the age of 19. I would like to tell you that there was a young love story blooming with my husband but it would not be. My heart was broken and my womanhood tattered by the age of twenty one. It took much healing and lots of hard work to open my heart again, but that I did. To the arms of a sweet man who had already lived far too similar heartache in his own young life. It wasn't long before our friendship was rekindled and our deep love of family and our faith started to change us in ways we could not imagine. Within a year we would be wed at the ripe old age of twenty two. Right! That's a LOT of living at such a young age. But we were determined to put our faith first, our family next, and let the rest just be the rest.

My dear husband landed a job at IBM right out of college and we were on our way to Lexington to start our own adventures and that we did! Within the first year of marriage we moved to Georgetown and had our son Caleb. Quickly followed by our youngest Preston, we soon became a family of five. Those years of babies and toddlers are some of my favorite. We purchased our first home, found a church family, and I made new connections in our community with friendships that have lasted the test of time. Over the years we have certainly had our ups and downs. There have been times of lost jobs, new jobs, tweens and teens, and everything in between. We have most recently married our first, graduated our middle, and now on the way to our babies senior year. We are at a new crossroads in life and it is amazingly bitter sweet. I count all joy the times that were hard as they challenged us to trust in a way that only hard times can. I feel so blessed beyond belief that not only did I find myself along the way but I found a man who believes in me sometimes more than I believe in myself. He is not perfect by any means but he is definiteley perfect for me. 



Put God first in all you do. Trust in the process. Forgive quickly. Speak kindly. Encourage daily. Believe in the power of love (cliche I know, but oh so true!). When things get hard rely on your commitment to each other on day one to be a beacon of light. Never give up, its worth every hard part, every sweet part, and everything in between. 



Wait. Wait for the one. Wait for the perfect one. And when you find "the one" continue to know there are many things you must wait on, marriage is a journey.


I would love to hear form you. Share your love story with us for a chance to be featured on our blog and win a special gift just for you and your valentine. 

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