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Real Life. Adoption.

Posted on 18 July 2018

Emily has a beautiful adoption story x2! I have had the privilege to stand beside her in friendship both times she traveled to bring her girls home. She has truly blessed my life and those around her. Here is a little from her and the people who she has impacted through her courageous road of adoption.


From Emily:

Several months ago, Melissa asked me to write a blog post about adoption.  As many of you know, I am not much of a writer and I didn’t know where to start. I considered writing about the process of adoption and how God lead our family to adopt, but the one thing that kept coming to my mind was how these two little girls have changed our lives and those around them.  People frequently tell us how lucky my girls are, but the truth is, we are the blessed ones!!! Sadie and Abbey Lane have blessed our lives and those around them in so many different way.  So, for this blog post I asked family and friends to tell me how they have been blessed by my girls.

Well I can tell you that my own children (especially my 13 year old daughter), have been affected in they see adoption in their future since meeting Sadie and Abbey Lane. Her heart has been opened to adoption since she has known your family. I feel like that is a blessing to us!  I think it has opened a door for her to explore the possibility that you don't necessarily have to have biological children to have a family. She is understanding that Family means much more than that.”


“Witnessing Steve and Emily grow their family through adoption has been such a blessing to me and my family. Sadie and Abbey Lane are not only two beautiful little girls who are now considered a daughter and sister, they are also two precious little gifts who warm the heart and enrich the lives of everyone they meet.  We are so blessed to call the Sevits family our friends!”


“We are blessed to have been on this adoption journey with you. My children have witnessed unconditional love and have embraced Sadie and Abbey Lane as our own! Their smiles and laughter are contagious! They bring joy to our hearts.”


“You wonder how you are going to love this little stranger, then you realize you have loved them for so long in your heart and soul that they are already part you. The sun shines a little brighter, the laughter is a little longer and louder, and the hug and kisses are sweeter.”


“It has been the adventure of my life to get to know these beautiful little girls. They have filled the empty places in my heart I did not even know I had.”  


“To watch the girls learn, grow, and become part of your family is so rewarding, but really they have taught me much more than I have taught them-patience, appreciation of small things you take for granted, and a love that is unimaginable.”


“Experiencing adoption first hand has taught me and blessed me so much. Through adoption, I have matured so much. I have learned to sacrifice and put others before myself. I have never realized how much joy can come out of putting others before yourself until my two adopted sisters came into my life.”


“One of the greatest pleasures I have had is to watch the Sevits family grow with the adoption of Sadie and Abby Lane. God put the desire to do this on Steve and Emily’s hearts, and the love these girls have brought into so many lives has been nothing but a blessing. Through the ups and downs of daily life, this family has shown me that with a lot of love, faith and prayer, complete strangers can be joined together to make a complete family. These girls have a special place in my heart, as do all the Sevits’ and I hope I can continue to be a part of their crazy life!”


“I can’t imagine our family without their bright, wonderful energy! They bring such joy and I love spending time with them.  I’m so happy I can watch them grow up.”

“There is an old hymn titled, “There Shall Be Showers of Blessings”.  First, our family was gifted with four wonderful grandchildren, but our Abba had plans, and He blessed us with two more adopted from China, our precious Sadie and Abbey Lane!  Through them, our “showers of blessings” have become most plentiful!!”


“I remember being at a church retreat and getting the email and picture about Sadie’s adoption. She was wearing her little red outfit. We sat around a campfire and cried, oohed and awed how cute she was and that I was going to be an aunt again. When I heard of Abbey Lane’s adoption I was like, “yay, finally!” We recently found an old Christmas card with only Caron and Lindley on it. It seemed incomplete. They blessed us by completing our family.”


We are so blessed and thankful for the love and support from all of our friends and family.  We could not have done it without you. 

Watch our family adoption video here-->>

Emily aka the "EM" @ em+me💕

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