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Love Stories from you.

Posted on 21 February 2018

We asked you girls to share your love stories with us and you did! Thank you for entrusting us with your personal story. Here are two beautiful ones...


Nick and Nicole❤️

Our story starts back in elementary school and a note that  said “I licke you”..,spelling still isn’t his strong point! 

After elementary school I didn’t see him again until my freshman year of high school. In December of my junior year he asked me to be his girlfriend. Now almost 18 years later, we’ve been married going on 12 years and have 2 beautiful daughters! He has always remained my best friend. 




Joel and Casey❤️

Falling fast and hard in love at 18, but soon mutually ended it with the understanding that he would "wait" for me as I took on an new adventure. Well, he did. But after two years of long distance, college, and part time jobs he broke it off with me once again. After only 6 months Joel apologized and we worked hard over the next years to regain trust. After graduation I got a job and then I had to move to Kentucky without him. He finally made his way here after lots of waiting. We were broke, but happy . Four months after he moved here, he proposed. We were married 10 weeks later on the steps of the Georgetown courthouse.

Then, on Oct 7th 2016 we received some devastating news. Joel had a tumor in his brain. After l</span><span>ots of learning, trusting, tests, physical therapy appointments, radiation appointments and lots and lots of waiting rooms later .... Joel is doing great ! Prayers have covered our home and I know that God still miraculously heals. Our marriage has been my safe haven for us both.



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