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Finchberry Soaps Review 🌸

Posted on 07 November 2017

Hello you all and happy November to ya!

The holiday season is upon us and you could say the Em+Me girls admire this time of year. A season full of thanks and a season full of giving. All the things we just love…


We have TONS of products in the shop everyone needs. Em+Me has everything from coffee, to Poo-Pouri, even to Finch Berry hand soaps.

Our Finch Berry soaps will be the product we are reviewing this week on the blog:

These soaps are a great pick me up for yourself or a gift you can give to a friend. A few of my favorite scent is “Appley Ever After” it smells just like the honey crisp apples I love or “Sweet Dreams” which is a lavender smell. When people see, these soaps their first thoughts are, “they are too pretty to use”, or “if I use this is will fall apart and go everywhere”. I can promise you this is not the case! They will still stay pretty if you use them and they will not fall apart everywhere. We suggest buying a soap dish to keep you soaps in and they will stay looking just lovely.



Thanks for reading this week’s product review. Come in and see our Finch Berry section and pick up your favorite soap bar!





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