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Mom stories: Our girls, Our heart.

Posted on 19 March 2016

Emily and I couldn't be more in love with our girlies. In 2007 when our journey began my Lexi was just 12, starting middle school and raging hormones.  Emily's Lindley was just 3, a little toddler who clung to mama's side. It's hard to believe! Just few short years later Emily added a precious baby girl from China, Miss Sadie Lynn. She has brought the spunk!

Now in 2016, Lexi is finishing up nursing school and we are planning a wedding this June! Lindley has almost made it through her first middle school year and a competitive cheer year that has taken a lot of dedication. And Miss Sadie will be 5!  Plus, more fun is on the way. Emily and her husband Steve, have a heart for adoption and will be adding a new baby girl to their family this year too. We are all so excited!

These young girls have taught us so much bout being women ourselves. They inspire us to love unconditionally, go after our dreams, stay dedicated, have FUN!, and live fully. We are proud mamas who hope to continue our desire to bring faith, family, and fashion to Georgetown with the help of these beauties. 


Do you have an amazing daughter? We would love to hear about her too. Sharing our lives with you is so much fun and hearing your stories is a joy!


Another day, another story... OUR BOYS!

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